Flavorful, hand blended premium quality loose leaf teas with enhanced health in mind.

Making a cup of tea and sipping on it has been proven to calm the body, mind & soul.

Herbal Tea Overview

Herbal teas are made from all parts of a plant - the leaves, buds, roots, the bark, nuts, fruit, seeds and even the fungi from all over of the world.  They are nurtured by all that is natural, like sun and water.  Our Healing Herbal Blends are specifically blended with enhanced health in mind. We use no artificial flavors or sweeteners, the only natural flavor or sweetener comes from the plant itself.

Herbal teas, other than Yerba mate´ are naturally caffeine free so they can and should be enjoyed all day long.

Because they are not produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant; (the plant that is used to create black, oolong, green, and white teas) herbal teas are not technically “true teas”! In Europe and other areas of the world, herbal teas are commonly known as tisanes.  Here in the States they are just good ol’ herbal teas or herbal blends.

The use of plants as medicine has been passed down for centuries. Herbs are readily available to everyone; they are safe, easy to use, inexpensive and very effective.  There are over 2000 medicinal plants available to date.

There has been a surged in the popularity of herbal teas over the past several decades thanks to their vibrant flavor, as well as their countless mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. In an increasingly stressful and chaotic world, herbal teas present an opportunity to go back to basics and focus on wellness through a holistic approach.  (According to the World Health Organization) 80% of people on earth use herbs as their primary form of medicine!

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